Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let's see PC do that

So, I've got 2 stickers on my truck, one says "GF" (its for "God First" - not whatever you were thinking) and the other is a little piece of fruit, you know the one. While this may be the cool and trendy brand right now, I hung the sticker because they make a quality product, one of the few that I wholeheartedly recommend whenever asked. But, when you see things like this, it makes the sticker just a little bit more stuck.

He said Apple officials didn't want any publicity.
“It was strictly from the heart and just wanting to help,” Boyack said.
Foulkes didn't respond to an e-mail seeking comment yesterday.

As it should be.


cassandra said...

i wish i knew where my stickers were! not just because of the article...

you know who said...

hey GF, I know you're in love and whatnot, but post a new blog.

cassandra said...

...and now you are going to work for them. Sweet!