Wednesday, November 07, 2007


A short clip from the "Sage-ing while Age-ing" piece on Fox 19 this morning while I was in the locker room:

Interviewer: "Shirley, what would you say is the biggest 'false moral'?"
Shirley MacLaine: "Monogamy, definitely. It has caused so many people so much pain."
Interviewer: "Who is the love of your life right now?"
Shirley MacLaine: "My dog."

Ouch. (And "May I Never.")
Is there any doubt that there is a sad, sad connection here?
Is there any doubt that 'age-ing' has not helped Shirley's 'sage-ing' at all?


p said...

lets hear it for the "may i never"

oh and support McCain 2008

sceva said...

You know that was just for you...