Sunday, February 25, 2007

So Close

The NBA (I know, you don’t care) has a new series of commercials out where they show a clip from a game and then show a quote relating to the clip. They don’t compare to “I love this game” but, they are better than some of the other NBA commercials that are out there. The latest commercial shows Luke Ridnour dribbling the ball (way too much) as the clock winds down. After faking and driving he hits a teardrop in the lane as the buzzer sounds and the backboard lights come on. He runs to the sideline and slaps hands with a fan as the screen fades to black and you read the following:

The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul - Proverbs 13:19
That’s great! Wow, the Bible on TV, in an NBA commercial, phenomenal! Then you read the whole quote and you wish they would have used the second half of the verse.

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p said...

im sick of looking at this one! post a new one dude.