Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Extra! Extra!

An angry black-clad outdoor poet emotes:

Conflict boils over like an angry sludge
Politicians lie to us like they’ve got a grudge
We’re in a decaying spiral of fevered ferocity
A horn honks, cut to a new white Rabbit driving by:
"3 V-Dubs for under $17,000! Woo-Hoo!!"
Back to our lovable poet:
Hope... Springs...
Have you seen these commercials? Given my life-long love affair with VW, I usually pay attention to their commercials and fortunately they usually have some pretty good ones. "Drivers Wanted" and "Fahrvergnügen" are definite classics, "Un-Pimp my Ride" was hilarious, the "accident" Jetta commercials were jarring. (Zing!) But, these latest "3 V-Dubs for 17" commercials are among my favorites. In addition to the spot described above, we find a man climbing to the edge of a rooftop ready to commit suicide and a Streetcorner Doomsayer with an all-too-cliche "The End is Near" sign. Like our poet friend, both of these fellas hear the excited cry of a newly found "Driver" and suddenly find a new perspective - a realization that the end might not be something to advertise or to leap towards. (Groan - again with the terrible puns.) These commercials work for me - I just sold a VW, but I still remember buying it and driving it home - I remember how excited I was, how good it felt, how proud I was of my new car. I can relate to the guys driving and yelling. They have good news and they can't help but share it.

Yeah, you saw that too, didn't you?
I've got some Good News too. (And I'm not talking about the Canyonero.)

When was the last time you drove down the road shouting, "Jesus loves you enough to die for you!" at the top of your lungs out of a car window? Okay, maybe that approach does work better for selling cars. But, are you excited to tell others the gospel? Do you look for opportunities to give people a reason to hope in He from which all Hope Springs?
I don't do it as much as I should. It's way too easy for me to hide behind my pulpit and claim that I'm doing my part to carry out the great commission. It's safe, it's easy, it's cowardly.

Where's our excitement? Where's our joy? Let's get out there and change lives with news that trumps even 'swagen discounts. Drivers..? eh. How about:
"Witnesses Wanted"


p said...

I dont really like the u-pimp my ride ones.

The accident ones were brilliant.

Yes, I know that is not what this post is really about.

sceva said...

No no no! The UnPimp ones were amazing - they were grotesquely obnoxious - just like the riced out cars they destroyed! It was a slap in the face to an entire community of auto enthusiasts and also to people who liked the Fast and the Furious.

p said...

um im putting you on a time out for this comment/reply. mostly because you assumed I didn’t get it. but also for your cheesy taste.

i got the commercials i just didn't like them. i think everyone "got" the commercial. It was like being slapped in the face with a hippo. and that, my friend, ain't funny. just like this paragraph; it tries too hard to be funny by using obnoxious imagery and the "word" ain't which i would never use in real life...